Saturday, March 1, 2014

Stripes and Fleurettes

Now that the Ravellenic Games are over, I should catch up with some finished objects.

First up is the little blue cardigan I showed you previously as I was working out the patterned yoke.
I think I got it figured out! Once I did, it didn't take too long to knit the front and back. After sewing the shoulder seams, I picked up stitches for the sleeves and knit them in the round, matching the stripes to the body of the sweater. Then it was on to the collar with a lovely white bind off as a trim and the button bands up and down the fronts.
Then a blocking:
Then there was nothing to do but add the buttons. I searched through my newly sorted buttons and found some metal and white ones that I thought would do:
Then nothing else to do but do a photoshoot!
And I guess that leaves nothing further to do but wait for the little guy who will wear it and maybe give us an even better photoshoot!

Project Stats
: 11 Jan '14
Finished: 28 Jan '14
Pattern: Baby Cardigan - Stripes and Fleurettes by Zabeth Loisel-Weiner
Materials: 90 g blue cotton and 50 g cream, both from raveled sweaters (about DK weight) (~$3)



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