Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Fair Entries 2011

Ok, let's get organized! Here is a list of what I am planning to bring the the fair this year:

1. Knitted cardigan or coat: Making Waves Cardigan

2. Knitted pullover - adult: Truffle Tunic

3. Knitted vest or shell: Man's Crazy Vest of Many Colours
I knit this for my dad years ago. He wore it proudly for a while, and then it hung in his closet for a while. After he passed, I got it back and Troy wears it occasionally. I made up the colourwork pattern as I went and winged how to do a steek up the middle. (It's all cotton and instead of sewing the steek, I just knit some extra stitches between the two halves and worked in all those ends! after I cut it apart. It's really crazy if I think about it.)

I did a "plain" striped back but afterwards decided it was too plain and the blue was too bright so I embroidered all the gold on. (Click here to see details.) Didn't I say crazy?

4. Any other knitted article: Belinda Shawl

5. Secret Project. No, I'm not telling what it is but if you go to the fair, you should be able to spot it!!

6. Crocheted doily or table topper: "Star Wheel" Cotton Doily
I don't think I've written about this one, but it's just something I did to try out. It from a vintage pattern.

7. Queen Size Quilt -- machine quilted: Fibonacci Quilt.
Tom and Clures let me borrow this back to show at the fair...thank you!!

8. Quilting: Raffle Block

9. Photography (colour): Head or Figure

10. Photography (colour): Landscape
St Joe River, Niles

11. Photography (colour): Still Life

12. Photography (colour): Animal

13. Photography (colour): grouping.
This is a coneflower that grew up through a leaf of the neighbouring bush, piercing it quite thoroughly. When we were visiting Troy's Dad a couple years ago, he found this in his garden and brought it up to show us. I took a few pictures because it was just so interesting and then had them framed up for him. (If you want to see the pictures in more detail, go to this album.)

Ok, that's all! A couple more than last year and certainly more photography...and yes I could have done more if I wanted. I haven't entered any of my canning or scrapbooks. Maybe some year I'll get inspired for that too...

Wish me luck!! And of course, come on out to the fair to see everyone's stuff. I'm sure you'll have a good time. And there's still time to get your own stuff. Bring it to the fair grounds Saturday morning, July 30th.

I'll be working the table Monday and Tuesday nights--see you then?

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