Friday, March 25, 2011

That Wasn't So Bad!

My first March Mulligan is done! Woo hoo!

I finished this red plarn bag in January, 2009. After a couple years of service, a piece of the plastic failed and my handle started to ravel.
No need to panic...

I cut up another bag (one bag sufficed for this repair)

and started with a new strand of plarn in what is the top center of the hole in this picture:
I single crocheted to the side where the stitches were raveling and then chained a new chain to pull through the existing stitches. Then I continued the single crochet to where I started. Next I went around again with a slip stitch with a smaller needle to reinforce everything. All there was left to do was to work in the ends of the broken strand.

I then went around the other handle with a round of single crochet and then with a slip stitch even though it wasn't ripped (yet).
The second handle was quite stretched out and doing the repair on both made them match again. Plus I think they're both stronger now than they were originally.

My bag is slightly stretched out, but otherwise good as new again!

I am very happy to have it hanging with my other bags again (well, some of my other bags; I really do have a lot), ready to be useful.

When we put the coat rack in the entryway, I told Troy to leave part of the bar sticking out past the hanger for my bags. He finished it with a plastic cap and I have a perfect place to put all my bags.
Keeps them off the floor, and they are still very handy right by the door.

That makes one mulligan done; three more to go!


  1. Didn't know about Mulligans but I've been doing some of that as well. For me I had a recovery time post foot surgery with limited mobility....picked up a long time UFO and finished the shawl but also mended 2 pair of socks that were showing their wear...Mulligans, I guess!

  2. Way to go Carol! Feels good to take socks that just make you feel guilty and turn them into socks that make your feet happy, I'm sure! Hope your recovery is going well.


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