Tuesday, March 22, 2011

March Mulligans

I am proposing a month of mulligans--do overs for some of my poor projects that need some help. Projects that didn't come out quite right, didn't work out right, or couldn't stand up to the abuse they were given.

Here are some projects I'm going to work on:
1. My Mariah sweater.

DONE! (Story here.)
2. Troy's Hat Fit for a Boyfriend.

DONE! (Story here.)
3. My Leaves Beret.
4. My red plarn bag.

DONE! (Story here.)

Whew...I think that's enough. Especially since the month is awfully close to over. (April might have to be my mulligan on March Mulligans.)

I've stated my goal here. Out loud. In public.
I'll start posting details when I tackle the projects.

How 'bout you? Got some things you'd like a mulligan on? Why don't you tackle them with me? Leave a comment and state your goal. Out loud. In public. I dare you.

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