Monday, August 2, 2010

and the Winner is...

Ready for the couny fair results? Let's just take them in the order I presented them last time:

1. Raffle Quilt Block:
I placed sixth! I'm happy with that for a first time entry. I would like to know what the Dresden Plate block which got second has to do with the theme, "Spirit of America," but I'm not obsessing about it. (I will say the two ladies looking at the quilt at the same time as I was also wanted to do a Statue of Liberty block (but didn't get it done) and also had a hard time imagining what the Dresden Plate had to do with the theme.) (My mother also strongly agreed with me, but I won't present her as an unbiased opinion. As a matter of fact, she was quite a loud biased opinion.)

Here's a look at all the blocks that made it to the quilt this year:
There were six more blocks made into pillows (as they do every year) but they weren't out yet.

And the blocks from last year had been assembled and quilted and were on display:
The theme was "Bountiful Baskets." (I didn't make a block last year, so none of these are mine.)

2. Pieced wall hanging (less than 45"x45"):
Blue ribbon!!

3. Cardigan or coat:
"NO RIBBON! WHAT? NO RIBBON!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?" That wasn't me yelling. That was my mother. But, yes, no ribbon on my Whistler. Nothing.

I could tell there was a note written by the judge on the entry tag but I couldn't read it. I am assuming it did not fit their definition of a cardigan or coat. Obviously it's not a cardigan. I would argue with anyone that it is a coat. (Do I need to run another poll? No, I'm just kidding...) But since I am not the judge, I do not get the final word on that.

I could enter this next year again under the pullover category, but I doubt I will. Despite all the evidence to the contrary, I'm not really in this to collect ribbons.

4. Pullover-adult:
Blue ribbon!

5. Blouse:
Blue ribbon! (I'm pretty sure it was the only one in the category.)

6. Vest or shell:
Blue ribbon! (I'm pretty sure it was the only one in the category.)

7. Holiday ornament-knitted or crocheted:
Blue ribbon! (I didn't have a chance to look really carefully, but I'm pretty sure it was the only one in the category.)

8. Knitted afghan larger than 36"x48":
Blue ribbon! and Best in Show-Knitting!! I'm really happy about that one!

9. Colour Photography-Still Life:
No ribbon

10. Colour Photography-Head or Figure:
No ribbon. I was beat out by two pictures of babies and a wedding shot. I tried to play the cute child card but was trumped by younger children. Dang!

11. And finally, the always troublesome "Knitted-Any other knitted article not listed."
No ribbon! I put out three choices on a poll and then at the last minute decided to go with this purse which wasn't even given as an option. Bad choice.

Considering these socks
got second I should have followed your advice and entered my Firestarter socks. They would have blown these socks out of the water. (No disrespect--these socks are lovely. But a worsted weight stocking stitch sock should not beat out a cable/rib made from fine sock weight.) Bad strategy on my part. If you voted for the Firestarters, feel free to tell me, "I told you so."

An interesting year because I was awarded blue ribbons (6, if you're counting) or nothing. Oh wait...also the sixth in the quilting.

They're looking for a new superintendent of Home Arts and I am actually thinking about it. It's a long way from a done deal though. Something I need to get a lot more information about and then do a bunch of thinking. We'll see.

But if I'm superintendent, I don't think I'll be able to enter items. (I assume.) I'm not sure what that will do to the knitting department. Look at this:
I'm pretty sure I personally entered half of the items up there!!

All for now. (This was quite enough, wasn't it?) Come visit the's open until this Saturday the 7th.


  1. Awesome on the ribbons! I can't believe the sweater didn't get a ribbon.

  2. Well, congratulations on the ribbons you did win. I can't believe that Whistler got NADA!!!!!! Even if it was in the wrong category, then a helpful supt. should have suggested to you that it be somewhere else when you brought it up for entry. That was a show stopper and should get first place as well as a big "Best of " rosette.

    What fair is this, BTW? I enter in the Evergreen State Fair of Washington. It opens today, but I won't be going up till Sunday. My DD has a lot of entries there too. Can't wait to see!

    From: Speattle, on Rav


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