Sunday, July 15, 2018

A Walk Through the Shipshewana Quilt Festival 2018

At the end of June I attended the Shipshewana Quilt Festival. I got to go to the award ceremony on Tuesday evening and get a look at all the quilts before it was open to the public. I went to an all-day workshop on Thursday, attended a lecture Thursday evening, and got to walk around the show again on Saturday with my sister. That is the most I have participated in a show and I really enjoyed it.

Here is a photo dump of some great quilts. There were others not pictured here, but don't think that I didn't like them. Let's face it - if you want to see all of them, you have to go to the show!

I have presented them in no real order. The name and maker are in the caption of the first picture of the entire quilt. Most of them are followed by a close up to show more details. The quilter is listed only if the name is different from the maker. (Clicking on a picture will bring up a larger view.)
Modern Irish Chain by Nancy Scott;
quilted by Masterpiece Quilting
Birdsville by Lori DeLeeuw;
quilted by Norma Kindred
Black Beauty by Gail Smith;
quilted by Angela McCorkle
Salvaging Selvages by Arlene Forst;
quilted by T & F Quilting
Disappearing Spiral Bargello by Barbara Bratt
Because I Can by Angela Wirth
Esfahan by Megan Farkas
This one was done completely by hand! o_O Amazing.
Rings/Circles and Fans by Susan Haslett-Scholfield
Gotta Dance! by Cathy Geier
North & South by Carolyn Mack
Whitework Sampler by Gail Smith;
quilted by Angela McCorkle
The quilting is so close on this one. It beggers belief.
Kaffe Clam Shell Quilt; quilted by Colleen, The Cotton Corner
This one was not in the show, but hanging at Yoder's Department Store.
The following quilt recreated nine blocks from a quilt the maker owned from 1856 made by "Alice".
Remembering Alice Payne by Barb Vedder
Personal Camouflage by Stephanie Ruyle
Rainbow in the Coulds by Sheri Zalar
A Plate of Pinapples by Julia Graber
Fusion Star by Pat Delaney
Red Chairs by Mary Ann Van Soest
Palatial Plumage by Julia Graber
It's always fun to see other versions of the Judy Neimeyer design that I did a few years ago. There were two of them in this show:
Prism Star by Lana Kirtley;
quilted by Kathy Slater
Star on the Western Prairie by Cindy Hoste;
quilted by Deb Spencer
Here are two more of Judy Neimeyer's designs in the show:
Vintage Rose by Rita Schuette;
quilted by Cindy Perkins
Osprey's Nest by Judy Lowery;
quilted by Andrea Walker
Snow Days by Carolyn Mack
The next section of quilts includes some of the ribbon winners.
Champagne SuperNove by Marilyn Badger
 First place in Pieced, Large. This is the category my quilt was entered in.
Second place in its category:
Dogwood Winter by Kathryn Zimmerman;
quilted by Valerie Wagner
First place in its category:
Summer Time by Carolyn Rider
Check how close and small this quilting is:
Like tiny!!!
First place for Hand Quilted. It looks like a whole cloth quilt but it's pieced.
Irish Cream by Linda Roy
Her note said that she wanted a quilt that would not fade. (Is this when I should tell her that even though white won't fade, it will yellow?? Nothing's forever, baby.)
Also, super tiny and close stitching.
Grand Champion:
Eternal Beauty by Sherry Renolds
Four years; 15,000 pieces.
There were also some collections on display that were not part of the juried show. The following two quilts were from a "Black and White Plus One" Challenge.
Black White and Read, This Could be Grimm
by Terri Sankovitz 
Unintended Memories by Valetta Gyurci;
quilted by Mary Rossi
The next quilts are from the exhibit, "Winning Quilts from Central Iowa."
Bizzy Bird by Julee Prose
Midnight Blooms by Gloria House
Afternoon Delight by Nancy Earll
Auntie's Red Hot Garden by Mary Shotwell
Sugar High by Linda Arndt
All Kaffe Fasset prints in this one.
Grandmother's Flower Garden by Cynthia Bortell
I hope you've enjoyed this scattered overview of the 2018 show. Make a point to see a show if you have one in your area. They're always good for inspiration (if you make stuff) and have beautiful stuff to look at (if you don't).

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