Monday, December 4, 2017

Gift Card Holder

My church organizes an "Angel Tree" each year where tags are hung describing items needed by local families that could use some help. You pick a tag (or two), buy the item, wrap it, and return it with the tag.

I usually grab the gift cards because they're easy and it seems other people don't like to buy them. I assume they don't think they're any fun. They might not be much "fun" to receive either - there's not a lot of excitement you can get out of what gift card design was chosen.

I've been obsessively watching a new podcast - the Stitch TV Show - and one of the hosts mentioned making little quilted gift card holders. Maybe that would be fun - for me to make and the recipient to open.

So I googled tutorials or patterns and used this one on So Sew Easy. But instead of using one plain piece of fabric, I used some of the "slab blocks" I had put together previously. They were mostly square and I needed a long rectangle, so I just cut them up and pieced them together again to get the right shape:
Then, following the tutorial, you do a little folding, sew around the outside, turn it inside right and you have a little gift card holder:
Front - with pocket.

The many seams made it harder to turn inside right so the corners are not too square, and I think I should have made it about an inch longer so the flap would be longer. But it's a fun little piece anyway.
Tie it with a ribbon and it's all set to make someone merry.

Linking up with Oh Scrap! from Cynthia at Quilting is More Fun than Housework.


  1. Cute, cute... and WAY better than the gift card alone!!

  2. Great way to make gift cards a little more exciting. I love that you used slab blocks. Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!


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