Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Quilts at the 2017 Cass County Fair

I didn't have enough time at this year's fair to take in and enjoy everyone's projects. I did go around and take pictures of the quilts. It's not the same in pictures as in person but when that's what you got then that's what you work with. And now you get to enjoy them too.

This quilt's colours don't appeal to me but I couldn't resist the little hedgehogs. Too cute!
Getting these blocks together must have been a good trick:
At first I thought they were a basic block of bordered squares but with the nine-patch in the middle of each block, that changes everything! I believe the blocks started with the nine-patch and the borders were added one side at a time in three rows made up of two different fabrics (side by side--white/beige, yellow/pink and black/white). It is a great job of matching all those seams!

A trip around the world quilt with extra rows on the top and bottom to make a rectangle:
Some very cute embroidered blocks on denim alternating with kerchief fabric:
Here's a very interesting block arrangement; it really holds my eye:
I like the colour palette and placement too.

A sampler quilt:
I love all the star shapes in the blocks.

What a cute little bunny garden quilt:
Not quite so cute as we had a family of bunnies decimate our blueberry bushes this year. :( The grand champion ribbon is from among wall hangings and smaller sized quilts.

Some more wall hangings or table toppers:

This is an interesting design:
Working with circles is always more challenging. I'm guessing the butterfly was done with strip piecing. Once the strips are cut, you shift each one higher or lower to make the wing shape. It's a striking design.

I really like the next one, and from the grand champion ribbon, I guess the judges did too!
The blocks are some complicated piecing (good chance it was paper foundation piecing) and then the applique in the border puts it over the top! The colour palette is unusual too. It reminds me of the softer colours you get from pencil crayons or some oil pastels.

I really liked this next one too:
It's a simple design of alternating nine-patch blocks with solid blocks, but I love how the colours have been arranged and the overall effect the pattern has.
The pieced border of tiny squares put this one over the top for me.

And one more (non-quilted) piece that I thought was so cute:
For all you cat lovers who design your own pieces, now you know how to add some "love" to your cat projects.

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