Monday, July 24, 2017

County Fair Entries - 2017

It's a small contingent going to the fair this year. I think I've worked on projects less over the last year and I think my time was more concentrated on a few projects. (I'm looking at you, Farm Girl Vintage quilt and Red Nine Patch.)

I mentioned that I'm out of town the weekend it starts so I'm not going to be able to help with the canning department. (Canning department sounds pretty impressive, but it's just me.) I think I'm more regretful that I won't be able to hear some of the judges' comments and won't have an inkling of how I've done before I go and see the results.

Someone is willing to bring my stuff for me and I'm glad it's not a lot this year so I don't feel like I'm imposing too much.

First up is the quilt block for the raffle quilt. This year's theme was "Day at the Lake." As always, I'm looking forward to seeing the different interpretations.
2. I've entered my Tilted Pi Shawl in the handspun category. The lightest colour is not handspun but I thought enough of the shawl is handspun that I could justify entering it. It's usually a pretty light category so they could use some entries anyway.
3. My striped dress is in the "Knitting-Any Other Item" category. I'm going for best of show with this one, people. #fingerscrossed.

They probably won't like that the stripes don't match on the side but I hope they at least notice all of the lovely facings.
4. The Farm Girl Vintage quilt which falls in the "Full" size. (Full, Queen and King are judged together). This quilt is in the "pieced" class. (As opposed to applique.)
5. And finally, my long cable socks. I haven't shown them here before because they're not really finished. I need to add the ribbon and fur pompoms. (I know, right. I'm excited about fur pompoms too.)

I decided not to try to do that before the fair, but to enter them just as they are. I'm not sure they would appreciate fur pompoms.

Maybe these will win best in show instead of my dress. They're pretty awesome.

And in case you're saying to yourself " 'The fair! The fair' She's talking like we all know what 'the fair' is.", I am referring to the Cass County (Michigan) Fair (established 1851). It's the perfect size to see in an afternoon. There are rides (which I don't do) and there are barns and barns of animals you can admire.

If you want to take a little more time, it can be very interesting to watch some of the sessions when the kids are showing their animals. It's the best when the judge is chatty and tells you why the winner is the winner. Or it's fun watching the class where they have to ride a horse and put it through all its paces.

There's a nice "home arts" building where all the things people have entered are displayed. You can buy tickets for the raffle quilt or bid on the pillows. Nothing else is for sale, though. (We have people ask often enough!) Right next door are the 4H displays in case you are more interested in what the kiddies have done.

And of course there's stuff like concerts, tractor pulls, demolition derbies, etc, etc in the grand stand. (Not that I've been.)

You can find it all on O'Keefe Street in Cassopolis. Check out the specials (like free admission on Monday for Veterans; free on Thursday for seniors; etc). Even without the specials, it's only $6 for adults/$1 for kids. July 31 through August 5. See you there!

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