Friday, September 11, 2015

My Little Sister is Taller than Me

I have finished the embroidery work that I started at Squam in June. Last time I showed it I had finished the figures. Or I thought I had. I believe I added some outlining since then.

What I also did was add various circle shapes toward the outside of the piece. The whole thing is kind of "floaty."

Once everything was stitched, I gave it a good bath. I then let it dry flat and once dry, ironed it from the back side.

Here are the central figures again, now with the blue marking ink gone:
I'll get a little closer:
Isn't she cute? It looks like the threads got ironed funny but that's a white stripe on the dress.

And here is the entire piece:
I'm not sure how to hang it. The teacher I had at Squam just pinned her pieces up directly onto the wall, which somehow seems fitting for pieces done on linens. (I guess linen makes me think of hanging up laundry.) But she tended to do large pieces, up to bed linen size. I'm not sure this little piece could pull it off. I thought about a shadow box, but now I'm thinking I'll cover a board a little larger than this in fabric or old wall paper and pin this piece to the board. That way it won't have a formal frame but it will still have some context.

I would like to do more of these but it does seem like "work" to me. I need to get over that....

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