Monday, January 20, 2014

Second Mitten Syndrome Just Doesn't Sound as Good

You've heard about Second Sock Syndrome, the affliction that drives people to make socks for amputees. I've never had much trouble with completing a second sock. I am beginning to realize that it may be because I like doing the toe and that's where my socks start.

This mitten, on the other hand?
It has been trying to answer the question of one hand clapping for quite some time.

I just can't seem to get the second one started. I'm starting to think it's because of this band:
where it all starts.

I'm making the mittens to match my Dwindling Cables Hat
and basing the pattern on the hugely popular Bellas mitts. I made two pair like this
a couple of years ago. (Ok, more like four years ago now that I see the original post.)

But for this pair, I made some changes. For one thing, I shortened the arm part by about half. I don't have any coats that would suit long mittens. And I decided to start with a band like the hat does. It worked out pretty well (it'll look better after blocking; trust me), but it was a pain to do. And so my lonely mitten waits for a mate.

Several evenings recently I've thought, "This is the night. Just start it. Once it's started, it will get easy. Go." But then I turn away. Leave the Harmony sock dpns on the table and pick up something else.

Once the band's done, however, the rest is more fun. The gauge is a lot looser so it is physically easier on my hands and the cables make it more interesting.

I've adapted the cable pattern from the hat to replace the one from the original pattern.
Besides being a little pointy at the top (and I think that may block out too), I think it worked out pretty well. Although that's one more thing that makes me reluctant to pick up this project again. I have to refer to two different directions as I go (the original pattern and my mods) and it's not convenient. On the good side, I think I made complete enough notes that it shouldn't be difficult to make the second one match. (Let's hope.)

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