Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Happy Birthday to Me!

My sister visited last weekend and brought a couple of gifts with her. First was a mug she found with a knit design on it:
I love it! And it is the perfect size for a nice cup of hot chocolate.

Her husband found something else they thought I would like:
It's an anthology of quilts made in or associated with the State of Indiana. According to the introduction, lots of states have started these projects to record and preserve their quilting history. It's an interesting read with lots of pictures and descriptions of quilts and a few historical pictures and biographies thrown in.

Imagine my delight when I turned to page 21 and saw this:
It looks just like the Big T quilt I am doing!!
The one in the book, however, has a far more interesting border. Take a moment to read it. In its bold capital letters, I just imagine the maker to have the attitude of "There! I made one. Don't expect another!"

Today I will arrive in Squam. What a nice coincidence that it starts on my birthday. I'll be out of touch, so I'll talk to you again on the other side!

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  1. Oh dear! Belated happy birthday wishes to you, lady! I wish I'd seen this before I left – I'd have baked a cake. (Or at least smuggled some candles into the dining hall.)

    Thanks for being a great roommate and fun co-conspirator this weekend. I hope you had a good trip home!


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