Tuesday, May 8, 2012

AIDS Walk Wrap Up

This past Sunday I participated in the 2012 Michiana (Stop) AIDS Walk. You can see that I had my knitting all set to go. I have found this one strap knapsack perfect for holding my project while I walk.

I got there early enough to enjoy some great grilled hot dogs for lunch. And then to knit some while waiting for things to start.

We had lovely warm weather. (You can tell I mean it because I'm actually wearing a tshirt.) But as we got started, we were facing a pretty dark and mean looking western sky.
Hmmm...maybe you can't see it so well in this picture, but it was mean looking. I decided to walk a little faster so I could get done before the storm arrived!

But it never did...we continued to enjoy favourable weather as we walked along the river and over the bridge.
Appreciating some lovely sites along the way...
By the time we were done, I had pretty much finished my cloth. I just had to finish off a couple rows and cast off when I got home. That made a lovely set of three:
Small (40 sts), medium (50 sts), and large (60 sts)...hopefully at least one will be "just right." Oh yes, because who is going to be enjoying these cloths? The random number generator determined that Marsha is the lucky winner!! You couldn't ask for a nicer person to win and I will enjoy giving her the prize on Sunday.

You can see that I am throwing in some of Troy's much-loved home made soap too.
Project Stats
: 20 Mar '12; Finished: 6 May '12
Time: 13-14 hours
Pattern: my own
Materials: 70 grams of cotton recycled from a Goodwill turtleneck (~$5)
The cloths are a very simple pattern. All stocking stitch with a garter border. These turned out a little thinner than I thought they would, but I hope they will be useful. I am someone that prefers a certain cloth for every little task so I hope Marsha will find a task that she enjoys using these for, be it scrubbing dishes or washing her face.

Thank you to all who donated this year. My total added up to more than $1,600...great job, everyone!!

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