Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wednesday Walk Wrap up

I'm one of those many people who needs to exercise more. And with this early spring (really, summer) weather, it's lovely to be outside. I thought to myself, if I can't get out and walk in this, then I may as well admit that I will never walk. I couldn't do that.

So I tricked myself into walking. I told myself that I would do simple knitting and would only be allowed to work on it while walking. I'm going to just time myself and turn around when I've been out 15 minutes. I'm sure I don't need to tell you that that will get me out for a 30 minute walk. Not the most extreme exercise, but better than sitting on the couch, right?

First day:
Second day:
Third day...dishcloth is done!
I don't meet too many people while walking (apparently not many people have thought of bribing themselves with knitting!) but it's interesting noting their reactions. I mean, I'm not a very outgoing overly-friendly person, but I know enough to greet people you meet on the street. (At least in a small town.) But the people younger than me avert their eyes and concentrate on walking by can tell they were raised on a strong dose of "stranger danger." The ones my age or older at least smile, wave, or make some comment about the knitting.

For accountability's sake, first week = 4 walks.

I did allow myself to work in the ends while I wasn't walking and my first dish cloth is done:
This is also an interesting way to know how long something takes. This dish cloth was three days = 1.5 hours.

I'll be making a few more of these, but I've thought in the future I could make squares for blankets as well. If you have other ideas for what I can make with simple squares, leave a comment. I appreciate it!

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