Saturday, March 24, 2012

UFO Night

We had another UFO last night with the ladies at church. I brought my Old Kentucky quilt again and finished another flower:
It was rough going as the fabric is thicker than most and the seam allowances were a little wider. This meant sewing through a lot of layers (and resulted in some pretty large stitches at times). I'm still happy to finish another little flower and very happy with the puckery texture that is developing as I get more done.

Another thing going on was a tutorial in melted crayon art. Julie showed us how to glue down crayons and then how to melt them with a hot air blower. (Hers was a craft tool, but you can use a blow drier.)
This sample from etsy seller TaltiriTavern.
Julie's version had a random colour layout.
The effects are pretty amazing. If you want more ideas, do a search on etsy or pinterest.

It was a fun night!

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