Sunday, March 18, 2012

Field Trip!

On Saturday my mom, Isaac, and I went to the Buchanan Art Center to see an exhibit of hooked rugs by two local rug hooking groups.
"Lunch" by Jane E Shimp
I am very interested in rug hooking and don't know why I haven't done more of it. (To date, I've done one rug with yarn (as opposed to strips of fabric) from a kit.) Oh yeah, probably because I spend all my time knitting...

The detail on some of the rugs was amazing:
"Complimentary Flowers" by Marge Collins
And on others, the simplicity and "primitive" nature was just as pleasing.
"Ma and Pa" by Ethel Hess
The majority of the projects were rugs (and actually used on a floor) or wall hangings.
"Antique Shoppe" by Miriam Jackson
But there were a few 3-D objects as well:
"Pumpkins" by Jane E Shimp
and a least one great example of a "carpet bag" in the literal sense.

There was a display of some of the materials and tools needed. The "automatic" rotary strip cutter is just great. I can imagine it would work just as well to cut fabric and tshirts into yarn for knitting. Hmm...I'll have to keep that in mind!

The art center had two other galleries which currently hold a show of wood carvings and another of mixed media. They were also worth a look.

If you're in the area, take a drive to Buchanan and check it out. Admission is free, and you can't beat that!

Walking up and down the main street was also worth it. Lots of used items for the home (furniture and decorator items) curated with a good eye. I especially liked Alan Robandt. This is not your small town junk shop! The store, Front, had a fun collection of new items in clothing, jewellery and pop art items. I may have been seduced into buying a new handbag...

The July-like weather didn't hurt for making it a very pleasant way to spend a day!

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