Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Worst Fear Realized

Whenever I make socks, I have to try on socks.

Whenever I try on socks, I leave the needles in the stitches. I try to put in as many needles as is practical (preferably five, but at least four) to minimize long straight lines and the resulting pressure on the needles. Every time I pull the sock over my heel, I wince inside thinking of all the force acting on my thin wooden needles.

But it has finally happened:
SNAP! Oh, I was very sad.

Especially as this is the size I only had four left (out of six). I am now knitting with three of the right size and one needle which is one size bigger. I don't think it'll make much difference.

I may, however, still "need" to stop in at the knit shop listed in the brochure...


  1. So sorry, Christina. I do the absolute same thing but so far have been lucky, I guess?! Time for a new set??

  2. Definitely time for a new set!! I was tempted by the square metal set in the shop (I did stop there!) but they only had 8". Way too long. :(


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