Friday, February 25, 2011

Travel Knitting Results (and not so much)

I believe I mentioned that I was bringing a new project for my travels over the weekend: my "cuffed boot socks."

I got quite a bit done on the trip down. There were minimal airline delays but still plenty of time for knitting with a connection to catch. And of course I had a head start because I couldn't put the project down before I left. (!!)

I got the legwarmer long enough that I felt I should start some 1x1 ribbing for the bottom portion. I think that will bring it in a little tighter around the ankle, and that it will just look better with a contrasting cuff.
I knit a few rows of 1x1 ribbing but soon realized that I needed to use smaller needles for the ribbing--it was just too loose and sloppy--but I didn't bring any with me! I realized I had to put the stitches onto a length of yarn and start the second legwarmer with the other end of the ball. (Because there's no way I'm going to cut it!!)

I cast on on Saturday morning while sitting around with my sisters and mom. I wondered about the wisdom of doing the Turkish cast on in the round while distracted (it's still a little "fiddly" for me), but it seemed to go ok.

I got pretty far on the second legwarmer between the visit and the return flight.
That is, until I pulled it out of my bag and had some of the stitches slip off the needles. No big deal...except that as I was putting it back together, I counted stitches to make sure I had the right number on each needle.

I was four stitches short.

I recounted many times (I was sitting in an airport, what else did I have to do but deny the obvious?) but kept coming up short.

So even though I mastered the Turkish cast on with familial distractions, I still can't count.

I've faced the fact that I have to completely ravel the second one, but I haven't done it yet. I don't have the strength right now. My only consolation is that it is going to be worth it. The first one feels great!

As for my trip, I was only too happy that I packed two projects. While I was packing, I threw in my Summit shawl--just in case. One project never seems like enough to me. I got quite a bit done on it, but I still don't think it's long enough...

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