Saturday, February 26, 2011

I Fell in Love!

Cupid's arrow hit me hard this weekend. I went through the last knitty issue (which I somehow missed when it came out--that is still mystifying me) and found this latest design by Ann Weaver (designer extraordinaire):
It's called Oranje and you can find it here. Not only is it gorgeous, but it has this great story that Ann wrote for the pattern's introduction:
My fascination with Dutch athletic uniforms began after I watched the Dutch speed skaters in the 2010 Winter Olympics. Their graphic, aerodynamic suits inspired me to design a mitten pattern this spring called "Go Dutch!"
However, the fascination was intensified when the Netherlands’ national football (that’s “soccer” to the American readers), nicknamed the “Oranje,” made it to the World Cup finals this past summer. I had the good fortune of being in a tiny, old, wood-paneled pub in Rotterdam, watching the game projected onto a screen, when the team beat highly favored Brazil in the quarterfinal match. That day I decided to knit a tribute cardigan, and sketched up this design.
This cardigan is as bold as the “total football” of the Oranje, filled with graphic patterns that create both vertical and horizontal movement around the yoke. Surprising details like the striped hem facings, braids, and a row of tiny glass buttons make this piece one of a kind.
The Netherlands has always been a little confusing for outsiders because their flag is striped red, white and blue, but their national team uniforms are orange. (The brightest and purest orange you can imagine.) The fans wear orange and wave solid orange flags. It's simple of course: it's from the historical "House of Orange" of the royal family.

And if you want to see the skating uniforms that inspired Ann, click here.

Coming from Dutch stock myself and a long time cheer-er of Dutch skaters (as long as they're not beating Canadians, of course), I absolutely want to make this sweater.
I. Love. It.
(so much)

Plus it is full of little details like knit-in braids, that I don't know how to do and want to learn.

The original yarn it was done in is out of stock, but Ann has recommended Madelinetosh sock yarn as a good substitute.

Red Purl carries Madelinetosh. A little research is in order....

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