Tuesday, February 27, 2018

My Sister's Shawl Finished

So Clue 5 of the My Sister's Shawl mystery knit-along has come and gone. The shawl was finished mirroring the shape of the first side.

I got about two rows done of the red before I ran out, so it's a good thing I had the second ball ready to go.

I blocked it with blocking wires on some foam squares I picked up at a yard sale. There's no place big enough (and vacant) in the house, so I forced it into the kitchen. We couldn't walk through to the dining room (office) for a couple days, but you can get in from the other side, so that was ok.
The final dimensions are huge; this shawl goes on forever. The longest side is 105"; the shorter side opposite, 52". The width straight across is 24" and the angled edges are 36" long. Big.

Here is a shot of the I-cord bind off with my modification so that the I-cord would run continuously.
I like that rounded point.

You may be able to make out the I-cord edging in the next pic:

follIt is a mystery knit-along, right?
What follows are a few basic ways to wear it that first came to mind.

Double wrapped with the ends knotted at the back:
 Wrapped once around and pulled over the shoulders:
 I really like how this covers my shoulders and upper back when I'm cold.
 The double wrap with the ends hanging loose:
Realistically when I wear it around my neck, I wrap it three times because the thing is just so long. The fabric is loose and drapey enough that it works.
I finished the shawl in time to submit it for (randomly drawn) prizes, but I didn't win any. :(
Project Stats
: 31 Dec ‘17
Finished: 30 Jan ‘18
Pattern: My Sister's Shawl by Cozy Up Designs, $5.95 CAD (It was released as a mystery knit-along but you can now buy the pattern in full.)
Materials: Plymouth Yarn Estilo Hand Dyed (the speckle), colour 4 Black Red Mix; and Plymouth Yarn Reserve Sport in 301 Red Mix and 304 Grey Mix

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