Sunday, September 11, 2016

Block 36: Churn Dash

I not only brought my Postage Stamp block with me on the trip to my sister's, I brought the next block too. I didn't sew it while traveling because I had other things to work on but I did have a chance to sit in their backyard on a beautiful Sunday afternoon and sew.

In no time I had my block done. Kim was busy with preparations for their anniversary party (the reason of my visit), but she took a "minute" on Sunday evening to sew her block.

This week's block is a traditional Churn Dash block.
Can you guess which is whose? I didn't think about it, but Kim went with yellow because she thought of butter for a churn dash block. Once again I'm surprised by the similar choices we made even though we don't see what the other is doing.

Here is another look at all of my blocks done so far in a virtual layout:
And now we're caught up to yesterday as far as the schedule goes. Time to pull out another block kit... :)

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