Sunday, July 24, 2016

Block 28: Baby Chick Block

I gave you a sneak peek at the Baby Chick Block showing some of the embroidery the block required.

Here is the entire block:
Isn't that little heart on the side so cute?

I don't know it's noticeable, but the red of the background fabric bled! Horror! I've started marking all of the seam lines with the blue water-soluable marker and so I give the block a soaking before I start and iron it.

When I went to iron this one, I noticed little red blobs all over the background. I tried washing the area and then I soaked it in diluted vinegar for a while. (I've read vinegar will set colors.) The marks were much better, but I can still see a few.

I used this background fabric in quite a few blocks so I'm going to have to go back and treat and test them before I put them into the quilt. Wouldn't want to wash the whole quilt for the first time and have red spots all over.

Here are all the blocks in a mock layout:
Here is Kim's block:
She cleverly made her chick fabrics match the fabrics of her mama hen block!

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