Sunday, August 9, 2015

Cass County Fair Quilts 2015

Here is a parade of the quilts that were entered in the county fair. There were fewer than most years but I think the average quality was higher. It also meant none of them had to be folded over racks; they could all be hung and seen in their entirety. That's a pretty big silver lining!

Let me take you for a virtual walk around the building...(PS If you click on any picture, you should get a larger version you can look at more closely.)

I believe this is a Farmers Wife Sampler quilt (read more here). One hundred and eleven 6" blocks!
I'm not too crazy about the colours, but I love the look of the 6" sampler blocks. You know that was a crazy lot of work.

In the following quilt, the darker fabrics in the blocks were wildlife scenes (deer and such) fussy cut to fit the squares. I thought this layout was a nice way to use a "feature fabric".
 A sunbonnet Sue:
I really like the skating one (top left). I know she's cutesy, but I'm coming to like Sue, and especially in these quilts where she's doing different things on each block.

Beach theme--a lot of applique here.
A clever turtle. From overhearing people walk by, I believe this was done by a boy (maybe up to teenaged).
Nice colours in this one:
I always like those arrangements that use straight edges but trick your eye into seeing a circle.

A lovely arrangement of leaf blocks. I really appreciate the added time taken to make a "piano key" border.

The following was a lovely quilt to look at. The colours were fresh and bright (30's prints) and the work was exquisite. I'm assuming it got second to the grand champion because I don't know how else it could be second!
Some wall hangings:
The leaf bouquet in the lower left was really nice.

On point checkerboard:
At first I wasn't crazy about this one, but as I stared at it across the room on Monday night, it grew on me.
The individual piece size may be a little large for the size of the final piece, but I think from further away, that is neutralized. It was something that had to be appreciated with a wider view. (So if you don't like it, sit further back from your computer and see if that helps!)
I missed the one that was displayed on the bed. It was a nice one, too, so I'm sorry.

I hope you have enjoyed this little quilt tour. Quite a talented county that takes their quilting pretty seriously! :)

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