Friday, May 30, 2014

Fix it Friday: When I Missed a Stitch

Back when I was working on the yoke of the Mesa, I noticed a mistake rows and rows after it was done. When I got to the next row with increases, there was one section with the wrong number of stitches. After some investigation, I realized I hadn't picked a stitch on the previous increase row or had dropped the yarn over. Same difference: I didn't have the right number stitches.

After briefly considering ripping out the whole wedge, I decided to take a more selective approach. I raveled just the section I need to reknit:
This is one section between consecutive increases. I could have just undone one or two stitches, but since I was adding an additional stitch, I needed extra yarn to make that stitch. If you don't spread that out over a larger area, you can see the column of too-tight stitches.

Once undone, I put the stitches on a dpn of appropriate size (making sure to pick up the yarn over I originally missed!)
and literally started knitting those rows between the existing stitches. Instead of using yarn from the ball to make new stitches, I used one of the long strands between existing stitches. Just make sure to use them in the right order!
Since I was using dpns, at the end of each "row" I could just slide the stitches back to the right end and knit (or purl as appropriate) the next row without turning the work!
This is the middle of a purl row. (Since I was working
garter stitch from one side of the work, I had to
alternate knit and purl rows.) You can just make out
the strand at the front of the work that I am using to
make new stitches.
Keeping going...almost there!
You can see the column of stitches on the left edge
are a little loose and form a noticeable line, but this
will completely disappear with blocking. (Don't we
all love blocking!)
Once I had knit up all the rows, I could transfer the stitches back to the main needles I was using and continue merrily on. I saved myself a lot of knitting!

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