Sunday, April 27, 2014

Seeing Red: AIDS Walk 2014 (and Announcing a Winner!!)

The AIDS Walk was today. They asked us to dress in red to celebrate 25 years of helping the community and that was not a problem!
I recently said I would never wear my leather pants with my new leather jacket, but it was windy and cold out there!
Yes, I was knitting even though at first I thought it would be too cold to move my fingers. That turned out to be a slight overreaction.

Other than the wind, it was a great day for a walk. We enjoyed a beautiful route along the river.
And saw parts of the AIDS Quilt.
Thanks to all of my sponsors! Two weeks ago I wondered if we would be able to top last year's total of $1,918. Last week I thought we would be close. But today when I added up everything including the last minute amounts, we smashed the record with a total of $2,130!! Thank you to all who donated.

And, now who won the item I was knitting?
Here's a close up before the walk. I couldn't find a pattern
I liked so I am making up a big, thick, (brioch stitch) cowl
from cashmere raveled from an Old Navy sweater.
Random number generator said it was Clair from church, a first time donor!! Thanks, Clair, and when I get this finished, I will get it to you promptly!!

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