Monday, June 11, 2012

Knew York Knitting

I was gone and now I'm back.

We took a whirlwind trip to New York City. Or it felt like a whirlwind because if there was something to do, we did it. Somewhere to go, we went. Something to see, we looked.

I took along my zig zag sock...the second one of the pair. I knit on the drive to the airport. While waiting for the plane.
While flying in the plane.
I was getting pretty far.
Once we got to the city, however, I pretty much stopped knitting. I did not carry it around with me all day as we went gallivanting. I might have been able to manage if I didn't have the camera with me, but it was just better to have my hands free and eyes available. And we really did not have much waiting time or down time to use up anyway.

Friday we took an afternoon break after a very full morning (that lasted til about 4:30). While the others napped, I settled myself on the chaise longue at the window and knitting while looking out at a bit of Times Square.
When it was time to go home, I knitted some more at the airport and on the plane until I got very close to the end, but even closer to the end of my yarn.
No worries, however. I have a bit more yarn from the first sock (that's why I didn't knit the first ball right to the end) and I really think it will be enough to finish this last stripe or get me close enough that it won't matter.

What did I do then?

I pulled out a second set of sock yarns and started a new sock. Here it is when it is just far enough that you can see the toe part emerge. By the time we landed I had finished the toe.
(Yes, my yarn is wearing "support hose," little sections of old
nylons. It keeps them from becoming a mess--especially important
if you're carting them around.)
Troy asked me do the driving on the way home, so that was the end of my knitting.

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