Saturday, April 7, 2012

Knitting in Public

I do like to drag my knitting with me everywhere and it often solicits comments from people around me. Of course, I'm not the only one. There's a whole group on Ravelry where we swap stories and offer advice for how to handle rude people or other situations.

Recently I read one of my favourite KIP stories and wanted to share it with you. It's from Rav user steamboat28. (His self-penned profile starts with "I’m male, and I knit. That automatically makes me awesome." I like his style! You can read more of his stuff on his blog.)

His story:

My personal favorite KIP experience was at about 3 am at a local diner. I’m sitting in a booth (bearded, in my kilt, my hair braided), and working on a hat when a group of strippers got off their shift, scantily clad, and sat at the table next to me. They tossed a few glances my way, whispered a bit among themselves, and bounced over to ask me a metric tonne of questions. 
About five minutes into this (and a bit of hanging all over me for some reason), a very large biker that has been eyeing the situation for some time walks over like someone put streamers on his motorcycle. He gets right up to the table, and I’m expecting him to be either jealous or protective, or one of those other manly-fight-starting emotions, when he just stares a hole through me. After a moment, he speaks: 
“You are the manliest S.O.B. I’ve ever met in my life. I would never have the balls to knit in public.”
Really, you never know how people are going to react!!

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  1. Proof that 'Macho' defies the pop-culture stereotype. While I can't claim to knit myself, I can proudly proclaim I can functionally sew even if the object in question is in motion. Sewing may not be considered a manly trait either but I have yet to meet a man that when such a skill is mentioned can find the words to ridicule said claim.

    As always, I tip my hat to Steamboat28, and all those truly manly men.


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