Thursday, April 19, 2012

"Green Sale"

This weekend, Amy at Red Purl in Niles is hosting the second "Green Sale."

Shoppers are bringing in their once-loved-but-not-quite-so-loved-any-more yarn to sell at great prices. It might be never used yarn, unfinished projects or raveled projects. This is your chance to find a deal, something that's been out of production or just something interesting.

I've been pulling together my yarns that I could possibly part with to take to the store. In the picture you can see a silk blend, bamboo, blue face leicester and mohair. I have more going too.

The sale is this weekend, Saturday through Monday, during regular store hours. If  you are one of the favoured "bag ladies," you can come for pre-sale sales on Saturday, 8-10am. (A "bag lady" is a Red Purl patron with a Red Purl bag. Yes, a very exclusive club!)

I'm excited to see what's there. Will I see you there?

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