Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Walking on Sunshine

My "Mini Mochi Circle" socks are finished. They feel fabulous and were a lot of fun to knit.

I got a little carried away with the length. I just kept knitting and knitting on them as they were a great "take along" project and I guess I was going places. I was also thinking that I was going to knit til I ran out of yarn. After all, that's part of why I knit from the toe up so that I can use up all the yarn.

But at some point I realized that just because I could doesn't mean I had to and that knitting toe up can also just prevent you from running out of yarn before you're finished. You don't have to use up all the yarn. So I tried the sock on one more time and then finished it off. (And then finished the second one to match.)

I used a folded over hem to finish. The "fold line" was made with a row of yarn overs which gives a nice picot edge. I took the time to Kitchener the live stitches to the purl bumps on the back. It turned out fantastic. Sturdy, stretchy and comfortable.

At its most basic level, the pattern on the leg of the sock is alternating knit and purl rows. This makes it want to stack up on itself (picture the slouch socks from the 80s). I hope it won't be too bad when I'm wearing them. The good thing, I made the socks long enough that even if they do sag and slouch, I think they'll still protect enough of my leg from cold drafts.

The raveled black wool worked out perfectly for this project. It sets a nice backdrop for the colourful circles. I think they look like stain glass windows.

For those of you who like the details, I used my current favourite short row toe and heel for the socks, disregarding whatever the pattern told me to do. (I didn't even read it, so I don't even know what I was "supposed" to do.)

I thought the short row heel was especially called for to keep the colour changes as continuous as possible.

I think that's all I've got to say. The weather's gotten quite a bit cooler the last week, but not quite cool enough to wear these yet. Can't wait!

Project Stats
: 27 Jul '11
Finished: 01 Sep '11
Pattern: Circle Socks by Anne Campbell (free)
Materials: Mini Mochi, 2 skeins in 108 Neptune's Rainbow ($18.40) and 21 g of lambs wool raveled from a sweater

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