Saturday, August 27, 2011

See a Penny, Pick it Up...

Things have been such a rush since I got home, I have forgotten to share the "70" gift that my sister made for my mom. Since it was such a cute and creative idea and made a lovely hand-made gift, I wanted to share it with you.

You will recall that we set the theme of "70" for my mom's birthday and left it wide open from there. My sister, with her daughter, made this book:
They filled it with sayings and adages having to do with pennies.
Do you think money grows on trees?
My niece drew pictures to illustrate.
To be a penny pincher
Ok, so this is a cute idea already. But they made sure to use exactly 70 pennies in the book.
A penny for your thoughts?
And not only that, they found one from each year from the year Mom was born until this year, and used them in order. So clever!

It costs a pretty penny
This one has neat story. This silver coin on top of the page is not a nickel; it is a penny. A stainless steel penny that the US had to make during WWII because they didn't have enough copper for pennies. Pennies from that year are rare enough that my sister had to go to a coin dealer and pay 50 cents for it!

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