Tuesday, August 2, 2011

2011 Fair Results: 1 of ?

I started this post and realized there is no way I'll be able to cover everything in one post unless it is very very long. So I've decided to cut to the chase and give you my personal results first. (It is my blog afterall!)

In the same order I listed them before, here are the results:

1. Knitted cardigan or coat: Making Waves Cardigan
Oh, yes! That's my little cardigan with the great big ribbon on it! Not only Grand Champion knitting, but also the Red Purl gift certificate!! My lucky day! (I have to be honest and say I'd like to hear how it beat out the tan sweater on the left that was made of someone's handspun. Spinning enough yarn for a whole sweater makes my head spin, but apparently not the judges. They seem to be very impressed with fine gauge knitting.--Remember when they couldn't believe it wasn't machine knitting that one year?)

2. Knitted pullover - adult: Truffle Tunic
This is how I found my Truffle displayed. It looked like a folded towel that no one had remembered to put away. I was very disappointed.

But then as I was sitting at the raffle table last night, I realized that I was working there and that put me in charge and that meant that I could rearrange things "if necessary." And it was necessary. (What got me started was that one of the tags was backwards. I had to go past the barrier to fix it. Once I was in, there was no stopping me.)

I really assumed the tunic was folded like that because they didn't like it, but I thought it deserved to at least have all that long-float colour work that I had worked so hard at on display.

So I unfolded the tunic and displayed it like so:
And what do you know?! There's a red ribbon attached. So they didn't disapprove, they just forgot! (Much better now, don't you think?)

3. Knitted vest or shell: Man's Crazy Vest of Many Colours
(Picture is above with #1.) Another blue ribbon for my vest. (I don't think I saw any others in the category, though.)

4. Any other knitted article: Belinda Shawl
That's it in the back center with the red ribbon on it. I put a note on the card to explain it was two sided and to ask them to note the vertical colour striping that I did. (That's the one where I had to make the variegated yarn pool just so to make the stripes.) Considering that it is being displayed with the purple side out, I'm not sure they got it.

Another indication may be that I think this pair of socks won first in the category:
They were knitted on a loom and are the simplest socks you can get. I think what I can learn from this is to start entering my socks because this is two years I've lost to a sock. A plain sock. I have some socks that will knock your socks off, if you know what I mean. So that's the plan for next year. We'll see how it works.

5. Secret Project and 6. Crocheted doily or table topper:
You didn't think I was really going to show you, did you? But there is a blue ribbon hanging off it!!

The doily did not get a ribbon. There were quite a number of items in the category and all of them quite a bit bigger than mine.

7. Queen Size Quilt -- machine quilted: Fibonacci Quilt.
They had a lot of quilts and couldn't hang them all, but I'm disappointed this one is all folded up. It really needs to be seen in the whole to be appreciated. But oh well. The third place is nice considering how strong quilting is here. (There are a lot of categories, however, so there may well have only been three entries in this one.)

Incidentally, here is the Grand Champion of quilting:
(The Grand Champion gets displayed on the bed which is ironic because if often means you can't see it as well.) The log cabin squares were small and there was a lot of piecing in the quilt, it's a very nice arrangement, but the quilting was a very big loose loopy all over meander. I wasn't very impressed with that. (Not to say mine was better--it was just straight lines. But mine wasn't Grand Champion, either.)

8. Quilting: Raffle Block: I'll cover the whole raffle quilt in another posting, except I will say that mine got made into one of the pillows:
It's #5 in the middle of the bottom shelf. You can bid to win this pillow! They have a secret silent auction where you just give your name, number and bid and at the end of the week, the highest bid gets the pillow. Last night there were no bids, so this could be a steal! I am willing to enter the bid, so let me know if you'd like to. (Obviously, if you like one of the other ones, I can enter a bid for those as well.) You have until Saturday morning to let me know.

9. Photography (colour): Head or Figure
No ribbon. I'll try to curb my ranting, but the little girl in the lower left won. As Troy put it, it looks like the picture that came in the frame which to my mind is a bit like saying your homemade cookies are almost as good as store-bought, or your hand knit sweater is almost as good as the ones at KMart. But I'll stop there.

The one on the shelf above it and to the right got second place (the guy in the field with the tractor behind him). It was an awesome picture, creative and look some time to pull together. But no, the little pouty girl in the ugly frame wins. Sigh.

10. Photography (colour): Landscape
No ribbon. (A lighthouse and an old barn won first and second. Lighthouses are almost as tough to beat as babies.)

11. Photography (colour): Still Life
Third place, which is quite something because there was a lot of entries. You can also see Grand Champion picture above it. It's a super close up of a flower.

12. Photography (colour): Animal
Second place. Also not too bad because there were a lot of entries there too. (I think I was beat out by a cat in a window, but it's a little hard to tell what's in the same category.)

13. Photography (colour): grouping.
No ribbon.

14. Pillow (sewn).
I forgot to tell you about this one when I wrote about the entries, but I brought in my paper pieced Canadian flag pillow. At first I thought it got nothing, but later I realized the red ribbon blended in with the pillow and I just missed it!

Ok, that's all! I haven't counted them up, but all-in-all not too shabby.

Don't forget to tell me if you want to bid on one of the pillows.

See you at the Fair--"Catch the Spirit!"

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