Monday, July 25, 2011

The Beginning of New Projects

Where does a project begin? Sometimes with an idea, but more often with the purchase of materials...and in this case I mean actual literal material.

Visiting Missouri always means a quilt shop hop with my MIL. There are tonnes of quilt shops here compared to at home. On top of that, the prices have always been astonishing. This time they were not quite so low, but the fabric was so lovely that didn't seem to slow me down. :)

First I will show you a collection of fabrics I accumulated from three different shops:
If they look a little bright to you, trust me, they are even brighter than they look. I am completely head over heals for them. The orange/pink leaf pattern in the middle started it all. $2/yd. Sounds cheap right? Then you have to buy 10 more fabrics to go with it. Ha ha. I am hoping I have enough there for a single bed size. The green on the bottom right will work as a sashing or border between the rest and the orange/yellow/pink on the bottowm left is for the binding. The rest of the pieces are from 1/2 yard to 3 yard pieces. (The two fat quarters on the left aren't batiks like the rest, but the colours match so well, I took them anyway.)

Next up is another collection I put together:
I couldn't resist the half yard of Asian style fabric. The blue is really gorgeous. But once again, it was on clearance, but then you have to buy stuff to go with it! The fabric along the left are three different abstract designs in bronzes and light blues. I thought I might do a wall hanging with all of this so I just bought 1/2 yards of the left fabrics.

And then, I can't stop noticing browns and tans since I'm making the Big T quilt. I just love this leaf pattern:
 It was with their jungle prints but I think it will be just fine in my quilt too.

And finally, I picked up a few more red tones:
I can't stop buying them either. I have some vague idea of a log cabin with red and ??? something. Ya, not a real solid plan there, but I'll enjoy buying reds anyway.

Believe it or not this isn't all of it either. I picked up a few other odds and ends too. I'll show them to you when I use them.

The knit shop was closed. She has irregular hours and we never have managed to catch her.

All in all, we had a great time of it. And I think the fabric will hold me til the next visit! (But don't hold me to that.)

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