Saturday, May 28, 2011

Gob Smacked

Vogue knitting has done it again.

I really liked the issue I got yesterday (Early Fall 2011) and they have a style I have to, have to, have to make. Like right now.


Another grey and white tunic:

Here's a slightly different view:
Are you drooling too?

Oh I love it!! I'm thinking in cream and grey from Rowan's Purelife British Sheep Breeds. (I used the DK weight of this yarn for Troy's cabled sweater. I loved working with it.) You may recall that it is an undyed wool--you get the unaltered colour of the sheep!

I also would change it to be asymmetrical. The button band would only be on one side, and the colourwork would flow continuously around the other side from front to back. As it is, it makes me think a little too much of the "card soldiers" from Alice in Wonderland. (This would be a great pattern to adapt for that, if you were really into cards.)

Now don't go and say that I just finished a grey and cream tunic and isn't one enough. I figure I won't have to buy any extra accessories. Whatever will go with one will match the other! Convincing, right? The other thing that makes me happy is that this one is an aran weight (slightly bigger than worsted) so it should fly off the needles. Convinced now?

Either way, I think I must to go to Red Purl tomorrow. I hope she's not closed for the whole holiday weekend...

P.S. Sooo many of the styles in this issue were oversized, had drop shoulders and/or other loose large square does the tunic I just finished. I felt so a la mode looking through the magazine!

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