Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Hat for Skating

Skating? Check. Whistler sweater? Check. Matching hat? Check!
Here are my hat and I enjoying the Rideau Canal.

After a mid-week warm up scare, the temperature conveniently dropped about 20 degrees on Friday night so I could go skating with my sister, BIL, niece and nephew. I think we all had a wonderful time. I certainly did!
The sweater and hat are quite matchy matchy but notice how the cowl breaks it up. I'm kidding. Despite how the reds completely clash, and that I could risk taking off the coat for a couple pictures, there was no way I was taking off that cowl. It was cold! (But I loved it.)

Back to the hat, I went so far as to make the tassels called for in the pattern:
I just pinned them on, however, so I can remove them whenever I want. I think they're a little dorky but they're traditional to the style. I have a hard time fighting that.

The hat came out a little long. If I made it again, I'd consider skipping the first band of black with gold "arrows." As it was, I had to skip the last little bit of colourwork which was some natural dots and then some red dots. In this way, Project Stats
: 19 Jan '11
Finished: 28 Jan '11
Pattern: Whistler 2005 by
Dale of Norway
Materials: Leftovers of Dalegarn Falk in Grey, Goldenrod, Barn Red, Natural
I started the shaping at the right measurement, but I still think the hat is a little long. I generally prefer them fitted and not standing up on top of my head. But like the tassels, I think this shape is traditional to the style, so I'm not fighting it either.

The day before skating, my sister and I walked [quite a ways] to the movie store and it was much windier. The wind was cutting right through the hat, which strengthened my idea to line it. I originally thought to do it because I have some nice yellow/gold alpaca lying around waiting to be used and a lining would hide and protect all the long strands inside the hat from the colourwork. Another part of me asks, "Just how often do you need a hat to protect you from strong frigid winds?" I don't know. I'm still not sure if I will do it, but if I do you know I'll let you know!

One more superfluous shot:
I love the Rideau Canal. And hot chocolate at Tim's afterwards was perfect too, even if they were out of Boston Cremes.

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