Sunday, June 14, 2009

Red Purl KAL Afghan: June

I made it to the Red Purl KAL this afternoon. Got there early this time because I had to leave early. It gave me a chance to show Amy my freshly cast on sock so she could see how her custom colour from Lorna's looks knit up.

The sock was a big hit and excitement is building for when the big shipment comes in. I'm hoping to buy some of the colour for her summer Sip and Knit KAL project, but I think I will have to move fast to get any before it is sold out!

Somehow getting there early also got me roped into finishing Mary Ann's sample vest. I'm not sure how that happened, but in exchange for doing the Kitchener stitch on her hood, she wound the other hank of yarn for my second sock for me. What a deal.

Eventually I got around to starting this month's square. It looked great in Amy's sample and the directions were very clear and logical. (Gotta love it.) Patricia designed the square and I heard a rumour that it was based on the pattern from Cookie A.'s immensely popular Monkey sock pattern.
I chose a new colour of my Malabrigo: Lettuce. It looks so fresh and yummy. Mary Ann keeps saying my afghan is making up a salad, and maybe she's right. You can see in the picture I got four repeats of the pattern done. I think I'll need 2 (or 3?) more to make it the right length.

I also put in a some tutoring time at the shop as Amy is always quite busy. (And if I can help, I'm always glad to...) The tutoring gave me some breaks, but I did finally have to stop knitting as I think my left hand was about to go numb. (Not good.)

Maybe it was a little bit because of the obsessive sock knitting mentioned in a previous post. And maybe it was because when I finally got out of bed at 6 this morning (having been awake since 4) I started working on a new design.

What? A new design? Yes: Amy let me know that my first design was probably not going to work for July where she had scheduled it. And the rest of the months are full, so I had the choice of letting her replace it or doing another design. Laying awake in bed for 2 hours will put some ideas in your head, so when I got up, I knit up a quarter of a square in a new design and got it approved from Amy today.

So that and the June block combined for a lot of concentrated knitting in one day.

Wendy at Red Purl thinks I will not be able to keep the design a secret, but I think I will try for a little while. (She doesn't know yet how contrary I can be when someone tells me I will do one thing. Watch me, because I will do the other instead!)

If Wendy's right, you will see a post in the next month about the new design. But if I hold out, you will have to wait until the second Sunday in July.

Hope you're good at waiting!

Ok, ok, one hint: they say diamonds are a girl's best friend.

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