Thursday, June 18, 2009

Block of the Month: Finished

My June block was completed on Wednesday.I think I mentioned that I really like the pattern, and the finished block has not disappointed. Unlike last month's thick plush texture, this block is light and thin, but not insubstantial. It should block like a dream.

My knitting has slowed dramatically this week as my wrist has flared up with some mysterious condition. I am trying to force myself to take it easy and give it some rest. It's not been easy. (I'm apparently not a good patient, even of my own advice.)

I also will give you a head's up that next month's block design has changed again! The hint I gave you no longer applies. There will be no more hints; certainly not until this is finalized. (And I have a feeling Wendy is the only one who really wants to know, and she will have to wait!)

Although pattern #2 was simple enough to visualize, it was not simple to write down and resulted in a 16 row repeat on the pattern. Way to much to take in on what is supposed to be a relaxing afternoon. The new one (#3 now) is a 4 row repeat, with only one row that has anything remotely complicated going on. I think it will go over much better. KISS...that is:

Keep It Simple, Sweetie!

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