Friday, April 17, 2009

How Did the Class Go?

Oh yes, thank you for asking...

The Better Plastic Bag class went well. I thought I was prepared with what I had to say. I had handouts. (Three of them.) I demonstrated how to prepare the plarn, discussed using different colours (stripes or spots), and got everyone started on her bag. By "everyone" I mean the one student. Yes, I had one student, but went ahead with the class anyway. (Why not?)

She was very excited to learn and did very well. I was very happy that she had some crochet experience. I could have shown her if I had had to, but it would have really slowed us down.

I got her started on the base of her bag so that she could work the next two weeks on the body of the bag. Then next class we can work on the handles, and hopefully even finish the bag that night.

I myself started another (smaller) plarn bag so that I could work on the same project along side her. It seemed a little silly to pull out a different project to work on while she was crocheting in my class. (And not working on anything at all seems so silly as to not even be considered!) I should have no trouble getting it done to the handles by next class.

I'm planning to embellish it. Something along the lines of the bag I talked about making in this post. That bag really wasn't getting anywhere, so I threw it into the frog pond. (Speaking of which, ripping out what I had done on that bag gave me a ball of plarn for the first time. Usually it works better to just add loops as you go, but there is no way I am wasting all the plarn that I had crocheted into that bag. So now I have quite lengthy bit of plarn so I can really go to town!)

Now, as to the embellishing, should I decorate with leaves or flowers?

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