Sunday, March 29, 2009

Good Goodwill Find

Problem: The scissors I carry in my project bag like to come open and this scares me into thinking that they might inadvertently cut something. It's an irrational fear since they really are not that sharp, but still a constant nagging worry in my mind.

First solution: take a scrap of yarn and tie the scissor handles together so it is impossible to cut anything without absolution intention of doing so. This put the fear to rest, but it made it less convenient to use the scissors what with the tying and untying all the time.

Final solution: find a fabulous wallet at Goodwill that you think is half off (and later find it isn't but buy it anyway) that perfectly fits your scissors and even has room for other sundry like darning needles (kept in the zippered pocket), measuring tape, stitch markers, needle gauge, etc.
It lies very flat and fits into my bag wonderfully. It's been nice to find all the most-looked-for accoutrements all in the same handy place. It doesn't hurt that it is beautiful (despite a little wear) and was made from sheepskin leather in India.

I love repurposing. I love Goodwill.

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